Brianne Benitez and I walked into two scary incidences at a prestigious university. We weren’t expecting this…

While preparing for our talk on the stigma of mental health and addiction – which was within five minutes of stepping on campus – we heard that our contact, a therapist from the counseling center, had to rush a suicidal student to the hospital. Ten minutes after that Trish found a student on the floor in a women’s bathroom stall throwing up and dehydrated, presumably from alcohol or other substances. It was 9:45 AM. She was left to fend for herself while other girls came and went without considering asking if the girl might need help.

If you think mental health and addiction can’t touch your family or loved one because of the expensive school they go to, you’re sorely mistaken. If anything it is worse because they have the resources to purchase plenty of alcohol and drugs. All the while, they remain quiet about their struggles to protect the family’s image from being tarnished because they may need therapy or rehab.

Don’t be like the students who walked right by someone who’s suffering. If you know someone is struggling let them know you care by asking how you can help. Then call @addictioncampuses at 888-614-2251 to explore your options for getting them help.