Brianne Benitez and I walked into two scary incidences at a prestigious university. We weren’t expecting this…

While preparing for our talk on the stigma of mental health and addiction – which was within five minutes of stepping on campus – we heard that our contact, a therapist from the counseling center, had to rush a suicidal student to the hospital. Ten minutes after that Trish found a student on the floor in a women’s bathroom stall throwing up and dehydrated, presumably from alcohol or other substances. It was 9:45 AM. She was left to fend for herself while other girls came and went without considering asking if the girl might need help.

If you think mental health and addiction can’t touch your family or loved one because of the expensive school they go to, you’re sorely mistaken. If anything it is worse because they have the resources to purchase plenty of alcohol and drugs. All the while, they remain quiet about their struggles to protect the family’s image from being tarnished because they may need therapy or rehab.

Don’t be like the students who walked right by someone who’s suffering. If you know someone is struggling let them know you care by asking how you can help. Then call @addictioncampuses at 888-614-2251 to explore your options for getting them help.

Addiction Campuses’ Director of Public Outreach interviewed live on “Today in Nashville”

What a great opportunity this morning to represent Addiction Campuses with Kelly Sutton and Carole Sullivan on Today In Nashville to share some hope for people and families being ripped apart from addiction. It was comforting having Sarah Turnbaugh Mabry backstage because so many times it didn’t look like we would make it this far. Her strength, dedication to our family and recognizing that people in active addiction are sick and need love and compassion are the main reasons we’ve made it to this point in recovery.

Red Ribbon Week talk at local high school

The 1,700 students I was able to share with at this local high school were so welcoming and attentive. There is hope for the future of our kids when they receive such life-saving info on addiction and mental health. I applaud the leadership for valuing the discussion of the topic! #fightaddiction #addiction #addictions #redribbonweek #healingincommunity #sobriety #hope #highschool #publicspeaking #recoverywarrior @addictioncampuses

New Huffington Post Article

Defying Impossible Odds with John Clint Mabry

10/20/2017 11:01 am ET
John Clint Mabry




During a tragic car accident when he was 18, he lost both a friend and his leg. The former class clown then got addicted to opiates and thought he was living a terribly exciting life—appearing in movies like Superbad and partying at the Playboy Mansion. Then he lost his brother to addiction and spiraled down that road himself…until he couldn’t any longer.

Now a sober counselor, motivational speaker and author (lucky for me, I get to be the one helping him bring his story to the world, through my coaching program for writers!), Mabry serves as an example that with the right attitude, we can overcome anything.

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