Award-Winning Speaker

John is a multi-award-winning public speaker through Toastmasters International. He has been featured on the cover of Toastmasters magazine, which is distributed in eight languages to over 140 countries. He is a standout as a public speaker for his uncanny ability to emotionally connect with audiences on a heartfelt level that you rarely find.

“Thank you for speaking to us in such an engaging and emotional way! It was like you took us on this emotional journey into your world!” Yolanda L.


Serving as Director of Public Oureach for Addiction Campuses, Mabry spends much of his time speaking at conferences, businesses, colleges, high schools, churches and other community groups and events. Mabry regularly speaks out on the stigma of addiction and mental health while delivering job and life-saving information as part of Addiction Campuses’ Drug-Free Workplace Training program and host of the company’s podcast, ‘High Sobriety.’

John has a passion for talking with audiences about the importance of processing early childhood trauma or adverse childhood experiences. This became apparent to John when a trauma therapist gave him Crayons and compassion, which opened the floodgates for early trauma in John’s life that shaped his addictive mindset way before his car accident and brother’s death. Research confirms that not acknowledging early negative experiences, like abuse, neglect, parental separation, bullying, etc. leads to significantly higher chances of being addicted later in life. Letting people know there is hope out of these negative experiences is key.

Every chacne he can, John shows audiences the “Rat Park” video below. This helps explain the WHY someone becomes addicted in the first place…and it’s not what you think. It’s not a moral failing or someone being lazy. Addiction is a symptom of the disconnection we have in our society, which Mabry believe is due to that fact that we unknowingly rely on virtual connections to fill our soul with actual human and spiritual connection. This information is profound!

“The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.” – Johann Hari