One of the best-written pieces on my story.

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The right rear tire blows out.

The car rolls more than 10 times in seven seconds. In those seven seconds, as he remembers, the scene flashes before his eyes.

Riding down the interstate in an SUV, John Clint Mabry, a senior college student, and his friends are on their way back to Baylor University after spring break. In seven seconds, his life changes.

Seven- the world starts spinning. Six— the metal crashes all around him. Five— part of his right leg flies out the car. Four— he waits for the last second of his life. Three— waiting. Two— still waiting. One— silence.

The car stops rolling. He waits for death, but it doesn’t come.

“Holy crap,” he remembers saying. “Get the heck out.”

He crawls out, goes back and forth to get his friends. Minutes pass, he sits at the side of the road and stares at the view— a torn SUV, a helicopter, ambulances, fire trucks. He sees his right leg damaged, mostly bone and flesh.

“I’m going to lose my leg,” he thought.

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