John Mabry (“NCIS”, “ER”, “Superbad”), is a national addiction advocate, award-winning speaker, inventor, actor and stuntman, has his Masters in counseling and hosts Addiction Campuses’ ‘High Sobriety’ podcast. He has worked on NCIS, ER the movie Superbad, among others. His work has been featured in People magazine, USA Today, Access Hollywood and countless other outlets.

Mabry struggled with addiction, depression, and PTSD for over a decade following a horrifying car accident that resulted in a leg amputation. Believe it or not, things got worse. He found his brother dead from an accidental overdose in his Beverly Hills home. He got fired from a high-profile job by personal finance guru Dave Ramsey and ended up living in a trailer after multiple rounds of addiction treatment. John continued to persevere and is grateful to be sober today.

John recognizes that he would not be where he is today without the help of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the loving support of his wife, Sarah, and their three children.

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